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School Curriculum for Photography - Special Offerings

SCPHOTO is an eLearning resource for schools, home school or independent adult students to use to expand their skills in photography. Following of project based style of learning students interactively study and explore lessons, assignments, quizzes, forums, glossaries, wiki's and online workshops in learning experiences or courses that build the skills every professional photographer uses in their work.
This site offers SPECIAL COURSES for schools as a resource for regular classroom or homeschool programs. Courses on this site are provided as a tool for a classroom teacher and have no digital interactivity.

CLICK HERE ->SEE THE NEW SITE to enroll in the full length, standards based courses in Basic or Intermediate Photography for 2014 that are designed for self-study that provides a teacher to help you.

Available Courses

  • Cost: $25.00

    Digital Photography Textbook

    eBookThe "green alternative" to a paper textbook offering a resource for schools and individuals in their study of photography.

    Note: This is the Basic Photography course and portions of the Intermediate Course without the interactivity, forums and grade capability. Schools or individuals that sign up for the Basic Photography course need not enroll in the textbook as it is all contained in the Basic Photography course.

    The eBook contains the lessons and assignments found in both the Basic and Intermediate courses offered by SCPHOTO plus new this year we have a chapter on Analog or film based photography for schools wanting this additional content. All of this is the foundation of the curriculum taught by Mr. Wills for 28 years in the classroom at Santa Cruz High School where over 6000 students completed the course.

    Green alternative
    This eBook is a subscription service per year and per student. Each student using the eBook needs to have an account. Content is added yearly and is revised annually with the latest techniques. Easy to carry and great for the environment this is the ideal textbook for your photography class. With a good textbook costing close to $60 to $100 this alternative will let you subscribe for 6 years and receive new and updated content every year for the same basic investment spread out over a longer time frame.

    The per student price is $15 per student when purchased through a school Purchase Order as a school or homeschool with a minimum of 5 students enrolled. The individual price for a single user not part of a school group purchase is $25

  • NEW

    Photojounalism Basics

    SportsPhotography is a major part of the study of Journalism. This class is designed to be a supplement to a study in Journalism. Topics will cover the most critical photography skills needed to get a photograph that makes an impact on a publication page along with special skills like caption writing and story writing that are essential for a new photographers tool kit. This class takes some of the best lessons and assignments from the Basic, Intermediate and Textbook courses and adds them to material specific to journalism. This content comes from 25 years experience as a yearbook advisor and newspaper advisor at Santa Cruz High School before retirement in 2007.