Class Notes

These pages are links to PowerPoint presentations given during class by Mr. Wills. Since these slide shows are used in class to guide the presentation they may not have all of the details covered in class, but they will act as a review or for students who were not in class or for students who did not have time to get material into their notebooks.  Each show includes the slides as well as brief instruction notes below the slide to give a summary of what was covered. Students will be advised in class to read additional material on the web site for each topic. This is a guide for notes that should be in your notebook. This also is an outline of the class on a day by day accounting.

Each class period listed below is 90 minutes long. Students viewing this on the web will need to convert this into their own time system for their class schedule.

Day One - Introduction to the class - class content and requirements -Intro to what is photography?

Day Two - Chemicals and Material used for making a photograph

Day Three - Camera Equipment - what type of camera do you have? How does it work and what are the controls? How do I load film?

Day Four - Composition - what makes a photograph stand out from the simple snapshot? What can I do to make interesting photographs out of simple subjects? What are the assignments I will need to look for when I go take pictures tomorrow.You can also find these same slides with a little different information about them at Composition under the Technical section of the web site.

Day Five is a field day to go out in teams and look for photographs. Students will work in teams of 3 per camera looking for: Ecology, building, posed and a candid plus a pair of pictures that illustrates one of the rules of composition being followed and broken. Students will need one roll of Tri-x 24 shot per team of 3. Students are NOT to leave campus and must stay within sight of the school.

(1) Day Six - Processing Film and Making a print - how do we turn film into a negative and how do we use that negative to make a photographic print? Students will practice loading film onto a reel in preparation for film processing on Day 7.

Day Seven - Lab Work - students work on processing film from their field work day on Day 5. For those teams that did not finish taking pictures on Day 5 they will be allowed to finish their roll today.

Day Eight - Nine - Ten (2) - students work in the darkroom on making prints of their first 5 projects. Each photo is glued into their notebook. Students may share negatives on this roll, but each must make their own print. While waiting for the darkroom students break up their team and have one or two working on doing reading assignment or magazine assignment.

Day Eleven - Looking at color Filters and special Camera Techniques using the shutter to control motion and the aperture to control depth. This will be a note taking day with a short video and with a lecture. NO LAB or Field work today.

Day Twelve - Field Work Day - Students are not authorized to leave campus for this set of pictures during class time. Students who wish to do photographs off campus will need to do so after school or may do so ONLY with permission of their parent. Students will work with their team to do filter assignment and motion and depth assignment for a total of 7 pictures. The challenge will be in finding an interesting subject that can be used to illustrate these techniques. This will be the second roll of film and the LAST taken as a team in class.

Day Thirteen - Lab Day - Field Day - students either finish their film from Day 12 or they are to process their film.

Day Fourteen - (3) - These will all be Lab days for students to work on prints of their work. Each print will be mounted in their notebook along with a short one paragraph description of their work and how they did it. Students waiting for darkroom space are to work on magazine or reading assignment.

Fifteen - Sixteen - Seventeen - These will all be Lab days for students to work on prints of their work. Each print will be mounted in their notebook along with a short one paragraph description of their work and how they did it. Students waiting for darkroom space are to work on magazine or reading assignment or on their notebooks.

Day Eighteen - Video on action photography and time to work in lab - no field work

Day nineteen - (4) - First Critique Photo Due - prints must be of your best quality and interesting subject matter worth showing - prints will be 4x5 or 5x7 and will be mounted on a special paper and placed in a frame in the back of the room. NOTEBOOKS DUE TODAY - value is 80 points - Today will be a LAB day to finish work and put into notebook.

End of First Grade Period - Progress Report - 28 hours of class time to date

Day Twenty - Final set of projects - Demo on Close Ups, Cropping, Portrait lighting in the studio and description of projects. We will also spend 20 minutes on looking at our first critique photographs.

Day Twenty One - Twenty Two - Twenty Three - Twenty Four (5)- One of these four days may be used for students to leave class and work on their project list. For this set of pictures students will probably want to use their own camera with TRI-X film or PLUS-X film loaded into it. Four of the 7 projects from this list will be done in the class studio. Students will want to be shooting at least one roll of film on photographs that are worthy of display as we prepare for entry into a Photo Contest and as we continue to collect pictures for Portfolio and Critique shots.

Day Twenty Five - Video in class on Making the Print - a look at the different work of some professional photogaphers. Lab Time will make up 45 minutes of class time.

Day Twenty Six to Twenty Nine - (6) Students will be allowed one additional field day to work on their projects this week. Most will not need it. Students should be working on their projects this whole week with a Critique Photo Due on Friday. As usual, students need to ask for help if they need it or they can work together to figure out problems. All work in this notebook must be your own work, however, no shared negatives on this second notebook set of work. When the darkroom is full students can work on magazine work or questions. In addition each computer will have a copy of Photography Workshop by Cannon company. Students are to look at each section of this interactive CD and then write a short report on what they saw and learned from it. This will go into your notebook.

Day Thirty to Thirty Five - (7) Students use this whole week to work on project list. Critique photogrphs from last week will be on display. We will take the first 20 minutes of class to discuss them on Monday. Students will be asked to write a 50 - 100 word evaluation of one of the photographs and place it in their notebook.

Day Thirty Six - Video in class on Making the Fine Print and on more evaluation of work by a professional. Because many students are almost finished with their work by now we will spend 30 minutes going over some of the projects in the next set for next term.

Day Thirty Seven to Forty - (8) - Lab time to work on projects with students who have demonstrated problems with work allowed one field day to make up missing work. Friday will have a Critique Photo due by the end of class.

Day Forty One to Forty Five - (9) - This is the last week of the Term. On Monday we will spend 20 minutes in class critique of work. Students will have Tuesday, Wednesday and T hursday full period to work on finishing their notebooks. Friday we will have a test and then about 45 minutes of class time to put the finishing touches on notebooks. THIS WILL END TERM ONE - 9 weeks of class or 67.5 hours of class time - of which - most of it has been time on task or hands on learning time.